Wedding Bouquets

By April 5, 2019 No Comments

We love a beautiful wedding bouquet but with literally tonnes of flowers on the market sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Take a walk with us and smell the roses!


All white

For the elegant bride an all-white bouquet is perfect. You can have orchids which are available year round and add an exotic touch to your bouquet. Or you may like the classic rose which is also available in nearly every shade from pure white to a very pale pink. You could add jasmine to the bouquet which has the most beautiful perfume or the dainty baby’s breath flower to soften the bouquet.



Aussie natives

We would like to start off with a little disclaimer; King Protea’s are NOT Australian. That being said they seem to feature very heavily in all “native” bunches. So like we adopted Crowded House & Russell Crowe and coined them as our own, we will also pretend the King Proteas are Aussie too! Add gum leaves, wattle flowers, billy buttons and a waratah (or two) and you’ll find yourself with a stunning locally sourced bouquet!



Leafy Green Goddess

This is a new trend that a lot of brides are getting on board with, partly due to the growing number of indoor plants and their lush greenery. A leafy bouquet will make your dress really pop and stand out. You can either use only leaves or leaves with minimal flowers.



Fake flowers

Now this is an interesting concept. Fresh flower bouquets are notoriously expensive anywhere from a tiny bunch being $350 up to the $1000’s and will only last a few days max. A bouquet that you can HIRE  will set you back around $100-ish but for around $200-ish you can buy the fake flowers and keep them forever. You can be rest assured that your flowers won’t die or become bruised on your wedding day and will look perfect in pictures.