Wedding Insure Claim Form

How To Get Quick Action On Your Claim

  1. Complete the attached form and return to our office. If an assessor is appointed, give them the forms.
  2. Attach all original quotations or invoices obtained for replacement of or repair to the damaged or missing property. Photocopies are not accepted as a rule.
  3. Attach original valuations and receipt of purchases whenever possible.
  4. Advise the Police immediately in the event of loss by burglary, housebreaking, theft, suspected malicious damage. Also make sure the premises are secure to avoid further incidents.

Note: Police reports are very slow so if you can obtain one at the time the report is taken, then this will save valuable time or at least obtain a copy or report number.

  1. Attach any letter of demand or other correspondence that you may receive from any Third Party.
  2. Do not make any admission of liability for loss or damage caused by you to the Third Parties.


  • Submit the claim form to the Insurer
  • If the claim has not been paid within 30 days we will contact the Insurer and then advise you accordingly
  • We will then follow up the claim when necessary until settlement is reached, however, please feel free to call at any time


  • An assessor is an independent person who is appointed by the Insurer for their expertise in helping you finalise a larger or more difficult claim
  • They will interview and obtain details of a loss and arrange for quotes and prepare the necessary paperwork
  • The assessor is your contact point
  • The assessor will write a report to the Insurer recommending a course of action
  • This can take time depending on their work load and Police Reports
  • The Insurer will not act until these reports are received and although not bound by the assessor recommendations, the Insurers usually accept these reports.
  • If you are unhappy with any aspect of the claim, advise the assessor. If they are unable to correct the problem then contact us immediately. We will not know of any problem without being advised.
  • If you are unhappy with the assessor’s responses, contact us immediately.