Environmentally Sustainable Wedding Ideas

By September 20, 2019 No Comments

These days most people are actively trying to make environmentally friendly choices, you can’t walk into a café without seeing a keep cup for sale, hybrid cars are taking over and soda streams have made a comeback. So why should your wedding be any different?

Confetti looks great in photos and definitely amps up the celebratory vibe, however traditional confetti can be extremely harmful to the environment and for this reason you venue may not even allow it.
Dried leaves, lavender or even rosemary in small pieces can look beautiful and create a beautiful scent.  Fresh or dried flower petals are another beautiful option. Whatever your option, make sure you clean up!

Sustainable Salons:
Did you know, by choosing a sustainable salon for your big day you could also benefit the environment.
Sustainable Salons is an organisation in Australia & New Zealand that rescues 95% of Salon Resources from Landfill…. They even recycle your hair clippings to help soak up oil spills in the ocean!
I have been using a sustainable salon for almost 2 years, and there’s definitely something rewarding about falling asleep at the wash basin, knowing that your pamper sesh is also helping the community.
This is Kevin, from Hey Blondie Hairdressing in Melbourne. Not only is he the CEO of the salon, he actually donates his hair to the cause.

Up-Cycled Wedding Dresses:
One of the most beautiful elements (and most important in my opinion, with the groom being a very close second) is the dress.  If you are crafty (or know somebody who is) you could choose the option to upcycle a gown for your big day. There are so many beautiful pre-loved gowns, some may even be perfect for you as is, however with a couple of crafty hands you could have something beautiful AND unique for your big day.

Plantable Wedding Favours:
Is there anything more fashionable currently than a plant? Indoor, outdoor, on a lattice, it doesn’t matter because plants are in and I am here for it.
Whether its seeds in a customized (biodegradable) packet, a miniature syngonium or a little baby succulent, this is one eco-friendly idea that’s sure to be popular among all ages.
Pictured below is the beautiful favour of a wedding I attended, which also doubled as a name place marker.

Avoiding single use cutlery:
Now this one seems obvious, but it’s amazing how often single use plates and cutlery are used in venues, when they really don’t need to be! Sometimes it can’t be avoided, but if an environmentally friendly wedding is important to you, most definitely check this out with your venue.