Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

Diamond rings go hand in hand with engagements (pun intended), and with so many choices out on the market we decided to have a little look at the different styles available that are off the beaten track and still look incredibly fancy.




This one is a little controversial but hey, some of us don’t want over-priced diamonds! Moissanite is an eco-friendly alternative which has very similar properties to a diamond. It’s a lab-made hard stone, heat resistant and is even more sparkly than a diamond (yay!!). A carat of diamond will cost you about $5,000 but a moissanite will only set you back $700 for the exact same size. The myth that diamonds are rare simply isn’t true however natural moissanite’s are extremely rare. Plenty of jewellers now stock this awesome gemstone so now you can afford to have a massive sparkler for a fraction of the price – winning!



We love the idea of an heirloom/antique engagement ring! They are so classy, unique and can hold great sentimental value for the engaged couple. If you don’t have an heirloom, plenty of antique jewellers have loads of options. We love the European cut diamonds and think they add tonnes of character. Just check the intricate details out on the below rings – stunning



Coloured diamonds

Now this trend seems to be really catching on with forward thinking couples. We love the look of a quirky coloured engagement ring. Did you know Pink Argyle Diamonds are the rarest diamond in the world? Time to snap up one of these Western Australian beauties – but be warned, they come with a hefty price tag. A cheaper alternative is our very own opals. They are so unique and won’t break your bank account either.