Could your wedding cost your friendship?

By August 21, 2019 No Comments


We always imagine our big day as the happiest day of our life, but how would you feel if I told you your friends were secretly dreading it? No they aren’t just jealous, weddings can just be costly to attend.


First, we have the Hens / Bucks party (if you are lucky enough to attend)  which if it doesn’t involve a trip away, usually START at $100 to attend which may include some drinks but you’ll likely still be purchasing drinks and maybe (definitely) a kebab before you call it a night. Throw on top this that more often than not there is a theme involved which 9 times out of 10 you won’t already own and you’ve got yourself a costly little night out.

When the wedding rolls around, you then have the expense of a nice outfit, a gift, babysitting in some cases, transport to and from and if it’s a location wedding – even in the same state, there’s accommodation and travel to the destination.

As a bride, these are my tips:

  • Do your Research – provide guests with affordable options for accommodation
  • Don’t expect too much in the gift department, especially in the case of the destination wedding.
  • Keep your hens/bucks local if possible and try and keep it at the lower end of the budget or ensure the people organising have got an idea of your guest’s budget for it! Insisting everyone dress up as cowboys might sound fun – just make sure you’re providing the Akubras!
  • If the wedding is rural organise transport from a pre-agreed area – you organizing a coach is a lot more cost effective than every guest getting a taxi!
  • If you intend to have your bridal party cover costs of their outfits, just make sure you are choosing items that aren’t astronomically priced (think what you like, but they aren’t wearing that Lilac satin dress again).
  • And my last tip, BE GRATEFUL! You’re celebrating your love and your friends probably won’t mind parting with their pennies as much if they know you appreciate all the effort they go to.