Bride-to-be told 24 hours before wedding she’d need to find somewhere else.

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It’s happened again!

One of Melbourne’s most popular and wonderful wedding venue in the Docklands had to shut immediately, the authorities gave only 15 minutes notice as the pier its located on is said to be unsafe by engineers.


What if this happened to you?

This every brides worst nightmare, luckily any brides who had purchased wedding insurance with us before Wednesday can rest easy that they are generally insured.

Unfortunately brides who haven’t bought a policy won’t be insured as it’s now what is called a known circumstance.

This stress-inducing story serves as a timely reminder that these things can happen, and they NEVER happen at a convenient time.

I’m so pleased this Bride was able to find another Venue on short notice, and I wish her (and her husband-to-be) the very best for the rest of their wedding day!

If You’re Insured With Us

You’ve probably spoken to our claims team, if you haven’t yet please make contact so we can help you. The best outcome is arranging an alternative venue.

The Authority (Development Victoria) say the closure will be at least 30 days while they make a decision if the pier can be saved.

Policies starting on 28 August or later won’t cover cancellation at Dockland’s Central Pier as this is now known.

Photo Credit: www.9News.com.au