Bonbonniere ideas

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Bonbonniere ideas

Sorry, a what!? Let us explain; a bonbonniere, or more widely known as favours are those cute little gifts given by the host (usually the wedded couple) at the wedding. They can range from the traditional sugared almonds used by the Italians & French up to elaborate gifts like puppies (Read. Bridesmaid’s movie)!! Below are our favourite bonbonniere’s for all the inspo you need!





This idea has been used since the 15th century and is very symbolic. The bitter almond and the sugar coating is meant to symbolise the bitterness of life and the sweetness of love. Usually you would present each guest at the wedding with 5 sugared almonds, served in a mesh bag. The 5 almonds mean health, wealth, happiness, fertility and a long life. We think they are a respectful nod to tradition and make a great table topper too.



This has been a new trend that has really taken off! Not only are they very cost effective, they are super cute and can be used to assign the guests their seats. Who doesn’t love little succulents? These can be done as a DIY project saving you heaps of money; we love it! You can really go all out on the pots and create some beautiful art. Your guests will have a living, breathing reminder of your wedding that they get to enjoy as well.


Personal touch is key

The world is truly your oyster with your bonbonniere’s. Personalisation is the key. You could include a “mini bar”, treats, makeup, perfume or even gifts that have a play on words (see below). Decide as a couple what matters to you. Are you more playful? Or want something sentimental and sweet? Do you want something the guests can take home? Or would you prefer they enjoy it on the night? The choices are endless!